Ableton Live 10 - セットアップと起動

Instructions for Loupedeck CT & Live

Ableton Live 10 is a professional software sequencer and a wonderful tool for creating, recording, arranging and mixing both audio and MIDI tracks. With the help of a Loupedeck CT or Live, you can streamline and organize your Ableton Live workflow to perfection. Let's get started!


How to connect your device with Ableton Live

MIDI setup and startup

Loupedeck CT/Live is not a “plug and play” device.

You must do the following before it can work with Ableton Live 10.

Before CT/Live can work with Ableton Live, you must 1) first run the installer and 2) activate CT/Live as a control surface in the MIDI setup section of Live’s preferences.

When you use CT/Live, first start the Loupedeck app, open its Setup window, and then start Ableton Live. You will see Control Surface (Loupedeck) > Connected text on the bottom bar of Ableton Live. Once this text has disappeared, you can start using CT/Live.

Loupedeck CT/Live only supports Ableton Live 10. Earlier and later versions are not currently supported.

MIDI plugin feature

In order to use Loupedeck's MIDI plugin feature, you should turn on the MIDI tracking and remote input and output in the Ableton MIDI Port options.

More information about the Loupedeck MIDI plugin can be found here.

Tutorials & Shortcuts:

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Loupedeck MIDI-plugin