Wrong Tool Tab Is Activated (Win)


 All the Capture One (Windows) adjustments in Loupedeck system have two functionalities: What happens before the adjustment and what happens during the adjustment (exposure as an example),

  1. 露出を含む5番目のツールタブが開きます
  2. 露出量が変更されます

In Windows version of Capture One integration everything works with shortcuts. Each adjustment have individual and separate shortcuts for increasing and for decreasing the slider values. Tool tabs, which contain the adjustments, are activated with a shortcut which points to a specific position of the tool tab order ("fifth tool tab"). For example the tool tab containing exposure adjustment is (by default) on the fifth place. Shortcut for this tool tab on fifth position is CTRL+5.

アドバイス! Capture Oneにおいては、ALTを押したまま左右に動かすことでパネルの順番が変更されます。


How to fix when wrong tool tab is activated


  • Open Custom Actions main group (at the top, purple tab with Loupedeck icon)
  • Open the group containing the adjustment you want to fix (E.g., "Exposure"-group)
  • Click on on the adjustment you want to fix (E.g., "Blacks (±5)" on the right)


On the Custom Adjustment editor "Optional action before rotation" states "Tool Tab 5". This needs to be replaced with the Tool Tab action that corresponds to your personal setup of Capture One. For example if "Blacks (±5)" is located on the first tool tab in your Capture One:

  • While Custom Adjustment editor is open, search for "Tool Tab 1" (Search input-field is at the top of the action panel).
  • "Tool Tab 1"アクションを"Tool Tab 5"コマンドのにドラッグする
  • [保存]を押す

Now your "Blacks (±5)" adjustment will open the first tool tab when using "Blacks (±5)" adjustment. This modification needs to be done to all the adjustments which you have on the first tool tab.



カスタム調整エディターでは、[露出]のアクションが(初期設定では)5番目のツールタブに配置されています。特定のツールタブをCapture Oneの1番目に設定していた場合は、それを5番目に戻す必要があります。これで、露出を使うことで正しいツールタブが開きます。

Capture Oneで、ALTキーを押したまま1つ目のツールタブを5番目に移動してください。