How can I customize the look of my Razer Stream Controller?

Here's how to customise your device and it make it truly yours

As you are creating a profile to suit your streaming needs, it's also fun to customize the look of your device. Here's a few tips on how to do just that.

Customise your icons


You can change the icon of an action by clicking on it. This will bring you to the icon editor, where you can access the Loupedeck Icon Library or search for icons in the os folders.

It's easy to add more content to the Icon library. You can browse and install new icon packs in the Loupedeck Marketplace.


Change the color of the round buttons




  1. ◉ボタンにカーソルをあわせる
  2. カラーピッカーをクリックしてカラーパレットを開く
  3. カラーを選択する
  4. 右上の "X" ボタンを押してカラーパレットを閉じる