Philips Hue の設定(CT / Live)

Loupedeck とPhilips Hue の設定方法をご説明します。

Loupedeck Device must be connected for the connection to Bridge to be established.

The Hue integration connects to your Bridge and allows you to have basic control over onfigured lamps or groups of lamps.

To connect your Loupedeck to the bridge you need a Loupedeck account and the Loupedeck software as well as a Philips Hue Bridge unit that hosts the information of your lamps. Do the following to connect:
  1. Install Loupedeck software 5.0 version
  2. Loupedeckデバイスを接続してください
  3. Loupedeckのアカウントを、ソフトウェアの右上隅のアイコンもしくは から作成してください。
  4. Once you have logged in select the Bridge icon in the actions panel and click on Open accounts settings and add your account from the settings menu. 
    1. If you don't see the Bridge icon in the actions panel you can add it from the manage plugins section in the actions panel 

  5. Click to add the bridge to the Loupedeck settings.
  6. Select your account from the dropdown menu.
  7. Once selected your browser will open with a website prompting to press the bridge within 60 seconds. Press on the bridge unit to complete the connection.

Once connected you can start controlling and adjusting your lights. There are two methods currently to control the lights:

  • Profile Actions: User defined single lamps/groups/scenes that can be added anywhere. To add an item, press the + icon next to the action.

  • Control Center: A dynamic hub that can be assigned anywhere and lets you access all your lights/groups and adjust them. Control Centers are marked with black background and orange bars. Drag them anywhere on the Loupdeck.

Long pressing and adjusting:

Press and hold the lamp/group in a control center that you want to adjust. The selected groups icon will change and the dials on the left will control the adjustments for the chosen lamp/group.