Release Notes 5.1

64bit builds: ( Windows 10 and ( macOS 10.14 or later.

This release introduces the Loupedeck Marketplace for browsing and installing plugins and other content, as well as a new Plugins and Assets - manager and plenty of other small improvements, features and fixes.



  • Loupedeck CT [CT]
  • Loupedeck Live [Lv]


  • Loupedeck+ [LD+]
  • Loupedeck Original [LD]

ソフトウェア・サポート(macOS & Windows)

  • Ableton Live 10 [CT, Lv]
  • Adobe After Effects [LD+、CT、Lv]
  • Adobe Audition [LD+, CT, Lv]
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic [全種類]
  • Adobe Illustrator [CT、Lv]
  • Adobe Photoshop 2022 [All devices]
  • Camera Raw (Photoshopのみ) [全種類]
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (2021 or newer) [LD+, CT, Lv]
  • Capture One [全種類]
  • Skylum Aurora HDR(v.1.2 またはそれ以降)[LD+, LD]
  • Spotify Premium [CT, Lv]
  • OBS Studio (v26.0 またはそれ以降) [CT, Lv]
  • Philips Hue (Bridge) [CT, Lv]  


  • Final Cut Pro (macOS) [LD+, CT, Lv]
  • macOS [CT, Lv]


  • Streamlabs (v0.20 またはそれ以降) [CT, Lv]
  • Windows [CT, Lv]
  • vMix [CT, Lv]

Improvements (General):

Marketplace (New Feature!)

  • Marketplace for browsing and installing plugins and other assets (profiles, icons..)
  • A lot of new content available via Marketplace
  • HTTPS support for downloading packages
  • Icon packs provided (by default) via installing Loupedeck software are now included in the Marketplace
  • Marketplace (also) opens when clicking “Find More Profiles” from the profiles drop-down menu


  • UI supports animated icons (GIFs)
  • The Scroll-bar in the action panel is now thicker for better usability
  • New profile format version (.LP5).
    • Previous profile versions can be imported (and will be auto-updated).
  • Plugin & Assets manager for managing plugins and other content
  • Dynamic activation is hidden when there are no supported applications
  • System Profile is now called Main Profile
  • Home workspace is now indicated with home-icon (workspace drop-down menu)
  • Loupedeck software top-bar has been updated with a dark theme window controls
  • Profile and Plugin settings window for easier managing
  • New Copy and Paste icons for win/mac
  • Firmware up to date message in settings clarified
  • Action editor is now closed when new profile is imported
  • A notification modal has been added when uninstalling an icon pack
  • While hovering over actions in action panel: Identical tool tips to the action names are no longer shown
  • Enter and Esc are now more consistently applied in UI modals and menus


  • User login is now browser-based
    • Login opens as a tab in existing browser, or
    • A browser is opened (behind the UI).
  • Update Loupedeck data handling (URI schema) for more fluent user experience
  • Plugin status is now presented in real time
  • Loupedeck device manager update for better user experience (class wrappers added)
  • Login/logout now supports asynchronous events
  • Icon packs upon installation have been updated
  • Improvements to the Plugin SDK 4
  • Loupedeck Service Start-up splash screen has been removed
  • Screen framerate has been increased for more fluent animation support
  • Installing local assets (icon packs, plugins, etc) by double-clicking the file


  • LED-button brightness adjustment (Loupedeck Live and CT)
  • Device Backlight adjustment (Loupedeck Live and CT)
  • Dynamic Mode On/Off -action
  • Open Application custom action type (“Run custom action” still works)
  • Empty rows can be added to “Text” custom action (by pressing Shift+Enter)
  • Icon can be added directly while creating a new custom action


Capture One

  • Capture One plugin detects new Capture One versions: Loupedeck software does not need to be updated to a new version when new Capture One is released


  • Stroke and Fill Color can now be adjusted also in CMYK color space (for CT only)
  • 2 new menu commands have been added to open/close the “Comments” and “3D and Materials” panels (introduced in Illustrator 2022)
  • Upgraded some icons

OBS Studio

  • Updated connection logic for a stabler connection.
  • Renamed reset audio actions to mute audio


  • Loupedeck plugin modal’s title updated to “Connect Loupedeck” (instead of Loupedeck Info)

Premiere Pro

  • Loupedeck recognizes gaps which was required to be able to add a "Crop" effect to clips located anywhere on the timeline
  • 2 new actions (introduced in Premiere Pro 2022) added: “Restore Trim Selection" and "Simplify Sequence"


  • Toggle record action has now a timer
  • When toggling an action, the button text color changes
  • Audio Mute is a new profile action
  • Software name change – all “OBS” mentions are removed from the plugin
  • Update scenes (also) in Loupedeck software after renaming them in Streamlabs


  • Twitch API has been updated to the latest one



  • In some cases, the device was unresponsive when Loupedeck UI was in focus
  • Device lost sync with the UI after dynamically switching profiles
  • Fixed an inconsistency when switching pages from the device
  • Action before rotation is now executed normally
  • Removing any plugin from a profile no longer causes unrelated actions to disappear from the mapped device
  • UI’s relative panel size stays the same when zooming in and out
  • Control Centers now have orange color also in the older UI version
  • Both actions remain when swapping places on round buttons (instead of the other action disappearing)
  • Wheel rotation now works normally when an adjustment is restored via undo
  • Changed icons are now also updated to the wheel (CT)
  • In some cases, actions were not assigned (to buttons) correctly
  • Fixes spelling mistakes from the UI and added a missing word for Custom Adjustment
  • Removed unnecessary confirmation dialogue when saving custom and MIDI actions
  • Fix a bug that prevented custom actions from being deleted
  • Streamlined profile import by allowing the use of “OK” immediately after the app is found in the import dialogue
  • Fixed a bug in renaming custom adjustment
  • Loupedeck software window kept on running after user click "Stop Loupedeck"
  • Wheel page list was not refreshed properly after deleting a wheel page
  • Custom group was still visible after being deleted
  • Custom group could not be deleted if it contained action(s)
  • Imported profile from other OS did not show/execute correct keyboard-modifiers in custom actions
  • Plugin status was not updated correctly on plugin settings page
  • “Generic Plugin” is no longer visible on the asset manager (as being unnecessary)
  • A Copy/Paste was performed on assigned actions instead of Cut/Paste
  • In some cases, renaming a custom action created a new group
  • Dial strip did not refresh (to show text) if an icon was deleted from an assigned adjustment.
  • Custom action for “=” character did not work correctly (macOS).
  • Double-clicking a (3rd party) plugin file did not start plugin-installation correctly
  • In some cases, application drop-down was empty for Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original
  • In some rare cases, Loupedeck Live has been identified as Loupedeck CT
  • Language selection in task bar menu is now aligned with UI settings.
  • Aurora HDR is no longer visible on the profile drop-down menu for Loupedeck Live or CT (as the plugin is not supported by either device)


  • Enable plugin that was disabled after crash
  • Service no longer refuses to start (on edge cases)
  • Service (Win) no longer shuts down because of Bluetooth exception
  • Non-existing modes do not appear (when creating new workspaces in custom profiles)
  • Device now starts to a correct profile if dynamic mode is ‘off’
  • Run custom command works now more fluently
  • Background color of modified icons is now black instead of dark grey
  • Icons are now included when copy/pasting custom actions
  • Delay command in Macro was not working with plugin actions
  • Plugin settings were not saved correctly
  • Overlay did not work on MacOS(5.1 Beta version)
  • After (macOS) sleep, Loupedeck service started two times (two icons at system bar)
  • Commands in macro (custom action) were executed in parallel (not as a series)
  • Troubleshooting for Twitch-plugin is now more stable


  • Symbols are now recorded correctly with the US keyboard layout
  • Macro (e.g., for launching a webpage, but) starting with a delay can now be saved
  • Command-rows in macro can now be deleted
  • Windows key can be sent (as a shortcut)
  • “Windows + R” key combination can be recorded as shortcut if R is pressed first


  • Device disconnected is no longer shown on the first UI startup


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Loupedeck software to quit after a while


After Effects

  • Icons for “Selection tool” and “Rotate tool” are back

Ableton Live

  • Fixed a bug in which the Workspace names were left empty when creating a new workspace in the default Ableton profile
  • Fixed a bug that caused a “winerror 10035” – message to some users
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Clip Launch Mode content to go missing
  • Fixed the Browser Wheel Tool

Final Cut Pro

  • Dials work correctly when South Africa region is chosen

Lightroom Classic

  • White Balance value "as shot" is now copied and pasted normally
  • Global Grading adjustments now work normally when on “Deutsch” environment
  • Color Grading adjustments are now operational on Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original
  • Copying develop settings disregarded "As Shot" value for White balance / Tint 

Spotify Premium

  • Spotify Service should no longer be unavailable


  • User was not able to create and use a custom action in Twitch

OBS Studio

  • Fixed a bug causing Loupedeck software to crash when working with OBS
  • Fixed a bug that caused Loupedeck to freeze when working with sources in OBS
  • Fixed a bug showing a faulty notification when OBS was not running
  • Fixed a bug causing the OBS plugin to crash when working with profile actions
  • Fixed a bug causing the OBS plugin not to load on occasion
  • Fixed a bug on MacOS where UI would state OBS is not installed while OBS was Running
  • Fixed a bug where changing scene collection could result in actions not working.
  • Fixed a bug where newly added content in OBS would not be visible in the Loupedeck UI


  • Fixed a bug that caused layer properties not to start

Premiere Pro

  • “Select Look” adjustment selects Looks in “Looks” dropdown list again
  • actions from the “(Direct) Transport” action group are responsive again
  • Loupedeck does not stop working after closing and reopening a project


  • Fixed a bug which caused the plugin to crash when creating a new profile action
  • Fixed a bug where sources of the same name will be synced to action


  • Fixed a bug which forced any new MIDI dial adjustments to get stuck or work in one direction only.
  • Standardized the spelling of the word MIDI in the UI
  • Added the MIDI notes from 0 to 20.



  • macOSで、別のバージョンのアプリケーションがインストールされている際に、Loupedeck でプレスアクションを実行すると非アクティブなバージョンが起動する 
  • ある環境において、Loupedeck+ がOS のスリープモード後に起動しなくなる 
  • LibreOffice apps with custom profiles not recognized by Loupedeck
  • Loupedeck Live device is sometimes active while screen is locked (Win OS)
  • Developers cannot always sign into the cloud environment
  • After selecting a profile in the UI, correct workspace button is not highlighted


  • "Optional action before" adjustment cannot be removed. The workaround is to change the action type to e.g., "Run" and then back to "Shortcut"

Ableton Live

  • Ableton Live 10 のプラグインは手動でLoupedeckサポートページからダウンロードしてください 

After Effects

  • 物理的なキー割当の違いにより、英語キーボード以外では機能しないショートカットがある 


  • 複数のLoupedeckコントロールサーフェスが表示される(Audition 側のバグ)

Capture One

  • Some icons are not shown (e.g., Set Rating) 
  • Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original: コントロールダイヤルとクロップが機能しない 
  • Brush tool is not opened when the action is used (affects windows users)
  • Crop Tool does not initiate when action is used (affects windows users)

Final Cut Pro

  • アクション名の翻訳などが一時的に利用不可になっている

Lightroom Classic

  • "Masking" ワークスペースが空の状態になっている(更新方法に関する記事はこちら
  • マスキング中にホームボタンを押しても現像モードの戻らない
  • いくつかのブラシパラメータがアクションリスクとから消えている 
  • ‘Activate Crop Tool by Rotation’ has inconsistent behavior 
  • Loupedeck+ で Rating/Col. のボタンが押され続けていると、CT/Live のフィルタリングアクションに不具合が生じる 


  • Viewer Count – widget does not work

OBS スタジオ

  • Windowsのみ: OBS Studio を閉じてから数秒後に再起動すると、Loupedeck が接続の終了を認識せず、再接続できない(5.0.3)
  • Changing scene collections has a chance to break functionality
  • Icons might not get updated on Loupedeck boot

Phillips Hue

  • When using the Control Center, the following actions might disappear right after they have been used: Brightness, Hue, Color Temperature
  • Long Press does not function


  • ダイナミックページが新UI利用時に追加されない 
  • Loupedeck+, Loupedeck Original: メインのダイヤルが全て機能しない
    (Camera Raw では機能する) 

Photoshop (Camera Raw)

  • カラーグレーディングが機能しない 
  • キーボードでフィンランド語が選択されていると、ズームアウトするとズームインする 
  • Adjusting Grain amount is not functioning
  • Closing a tool by pressing on the icon is not functioning

Premiere Pro

  • 14.0より以前のバージョンで、スクリプトの実行エラーのメッセージが表示され、Loupedeck を利用できない。それ以降のバージョンでは確認されていません。

Spotify Premium

  • デバイスアクションのアイコンが表示されない 
  • Spotify Service is sometimes unavailable after service disconnects


  • Dynamic control centers (input switcher, audio mixer etc.) might not recognize new inputs that are introduced during a session. Restarting the Loupedeck software resolves issue.