Release Notes 5.6

64bit builds: ( Windows 10 and later and ( macOS 10.14 or later. This update includes a new OBS Plugin, full support for Loupedeck+, minor UI improvements, bug fixes, usability and service enhancements.

NOTE: This software version contains a new OBS Studio plugin that requires remapping OBS actions of your existing profiles. If you've previously already updated OBS to the BETA version through our Marketplace this won't affect your scenes and sources.

Hardware Support (UI)   

  • Loupedeck CT 
  • Loupedeck Live 
  • Loupedeck Live S 
  • Loupedeck+
  • Razer Stream Controller 

ソフトウェア・サポート(macOS & Windows) 

  • Ableton Live 11 
  • Adobe After Effects 
  • Adobe Audition 
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic 
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Camera Raw (Photoshopのみ) 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (2021 or newer) 
  • Capture One 
  • Spotify Premium 
  • OBS Studio (v28.0 またはそれ以降) 
  • Philips Hue (Bridge) 


  • Final Cut Pro 
  • macOS desktop support


  • Streamlabs (v0.20 またはそれ以降) 
  • vMix
  •  Windows desktop support



  • Action icon sizes have been increased for the following plugins & default profiles:
    • Twitch, Spotify, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Philips Hue, Illustrator, Audition, After Effects, Ableton Live, Lightroom and for some general actions.
  • Introduced a new UI introduction tour.
  • Improved the error messaging if user is trying to use incompatible actions in the multi-action custom action.
  • Improved the Switch Profile – action naming to reflect the custom naming on the touch button.
  • Improved showing of non-functional actions in the UI. 
    • N/A (not available) warning icon and message have been replaced with better defined warning icon and message.
    • Warning icons and messages are shown when action is not available or not working.
  • Added a mention of the OBS plugin update and its implications to software update pop-up.


  • GIF-icon animations can now be seen in the UI action editor and on the assigned touch button.
  • Improved the control card design to emphasize the actions that are using the Fn-button (LD+, CT).
  • Harmonized the use of the right mouse click on copy & paste actions.
  • Adding custom action to an empty touch button has been changed from left mouse click to right click.
  • The use of the right mouse clicks with the copy+paste actions has been harmonized.
  • The open/close- behavior of the control cards have been improved to be more responsive to the user’s needs.


  • Action icon can now be hidden from view in the icon editor.
  • Action icons cannot be dragged outside the button area in the icon editor.
  • The default background color for icons has been changed from black to transparent.


  • Updated the default profile for Razer Stream Controller.
    • “Open Spotify” -application action has been replaced with “Open Discord” - web page action.
    • Updated and harmonized custom action icons (Steam icon, Chrome icon) for the Razer default profile.
  • Workspace – dropdown in the UI can be manually configured (on/off) in the device settings.
  • Small improvements to the Razer login process.


  • Removed the beta – labeling from the LD+ UI and device view.
  • Disabled the Modify/Delete actions for workspaces as redundant.
  • Added keyboard mode to the rating pages dropdown menu on the device view.
  • Removed the access to the icon editor as unnecessary.
  • Disabled redundant actions for LD+
  • Disabled the MIDI Plugin for LD+ as it is incompatible.
  • Added the missing Fn button the UI.
  • Added the device settings tab for Loupedeck+
  • Renamed the device control codes for color rating actions.
  • Page-toggling and page changing buttons ((--/col), hue, sat, lum & B&W) on Loupedeck+ are now available for mapping.
  • Improved visual elements for the LD+ scroll pages.
  • Enabled Loupedeck+ users to download custom profiles and plugin profiles made for other devices from the Loupedeck marketplace with the following restrictions: importing profiles will only import their action libraries.


  • SDK plugins have an improved logging system that allows the plugin developers to log into a separate plugin-specific log file. Logging is also available from both static and non-static contexts.
  • Action Settings implementation was improved, and a button controller was added to the supported UI elements.
  • minimumLoupedeckVersion was added to plugin metadata parameters to define the minimum Loupedeck Software version for a plugin.


Lightroom Classic

  • Unified the display names of tool workspaces in the default profiles for Loupedeck devices.
  • Disabled unnecessary legacy rating actions for Loupedeck+
  • Renamed the main folders in the actions.
    • Color Grading is now called Color Grading Panel
    • Edit is now Edit Menu

OBS Studio

  • OBS Plugin has been replaced with a new plugin in the Loupedeck software.
    • NOTE: New plugin requires remapping the following OBS Studio actions: scenes and sources in your existing profiles.
  • Legacy actions have been removed from the plugin actions and have been replaced with new ones in the default profiles that contain OBS Studio Actions.

Capture One

  • Updated the default profile for Loupedeck+ console.
  • Updated the Keyboard Shortcut action list for Windows.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that caused the multi-state action editor to not save icons for multiple states.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented resetting an icon for multistate command.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the “Go back”- action to go missing in the device actions.
  • Switched the “Open Application:Chrome”-action from Windows default profiles to “run action: Chrome” so that the custom action works in for different user scenarios.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the search bar to reset after selecting a control group.
  •  Updated the dial positioning for “Brightness (Laptop)” and “Navigate Desktop” actions in Loupedeck Live windows default profiles.
  • Fixed an issue in the text custom action that prevented from creating an empty row.
  • Fixed a bug that caused double-clicking on the profile file not from installing the profile.


  • Fixed an issue with the icon image rotation, which caused the rotation not being applied when the icon editor was opened for the second time.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the icon text not being aligned on the bottom row.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the icon text to be able to get lost beyond the button area in the icon editor.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the icon to be scaled in the icon editor before it was saved.
  • Changed the way the icon editor stores custom icons and their metadata when they are reset to default.


  • Fixed a bug that would not allow the icon text color of a multi-state action to be changed.
  • Fixed an issue in the multi-action editor that would not allow changing the order of actions by drag&drop.
  • Fixed a bug that caused delay in assigning an action when multiple action folders were open.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UI to open an empty dialog window instead of the UI.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a multi-state icon to not change accordingly.


  • Overlays are now working for Loupedeck+
  • Fix an issue that caused some shortcuts not to work with dial adjustments in Loupedeck+.
  • Fixed issues that caused adding an empty profile or a default profile for Loupedeck+ to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Loupedeck software to start if Loupedeck+ was connected for the first time.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Switch Profile action to not execute on Loupedeck+
  • Fixed a bug that caused a plus icon to appear in the icon preview for Loupedeck+
  • Fixed a plugin list related bug that caused the LD+ device layout in the device view to break.
  • Fixed the correct hover text for the custom mode button.


  • Fixed an issue that caused no workspaces to be seen in a Razer device profile with separate workspaces.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the software update message to show up again after selecting “Do not show again” message in the pop-up message.


Capture One

  • Fixed issues that caused the adjustments in the extended Windows profile to malfunction.

Photoshop (Camera Raw)

  • Fixed a bug in camera raw, that caused dials to zoom in on the image instead of executing normally.

Lightroom Classic

  • Fixed an issue that caused the adj.brush, spot removal etc. not to execute normally on dials/wheel

Premiere Pro

  • Auto Tone works now in all Premiere versions.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the MIDI dial adjustment editing to fail when changing the MIDI channel.



  • Custom action icon text does not always get updated on the icon. Fix: Go to icon editor, edit the text and press save. Save again on the action editor and the text appears on the icon.
  • Adding text to a GIF Icon is restricted in some of the custom action types.
  • macOS: In cases where two versions of a supported application are installed, the non-active version may start when Loupedeck uses press actions.  
  • Loupedeck+ がスリープモード後に立ち上がらない場合がある   
  • Live2D and LibreOffice apps with custom profiles are not recognized by Loupedeck.
  • スクリーンがロックされていてもLoupedeck Live がアクティブになる場合がある(Windows) 
  • Developers may not be able to sign into the cloud environment. 
  • マーケットプレイス内の "no internet connection" の通知が翻訳されずに表示される 
  • Using Search doesn’t highlight the “Custom” tab even if “Custom” contains search hits in the Stored Custom Actions folder. 
  • Transparent icons, or icons with black background, don’t blend in on the CT wheel but appear grey on black background. 
  • In the UI, profile changes in the task bar menu do not always reflect the active application. 
  • Custom Groups can only be deleted when they are empty of actions.


  • "Optional action before" adjustment cannot be removed.

Ableton Live 

  • Ableton Live 10 のプラグインは手動でLoupedeckサポートページからダウンロードしてください  
  • Dynamic page: “Clip Launch Mode” scales incorrectly on Live S – console.
  • Dynamic pages are disabled for devices that cannot support them.
  • All premade MIDI actions in the MIDI workspace of Ableton Live default profile do not work as intended. Create new actions to replace them.

After Effects 

  • Some shortcut actions do not work with After Effects being installed in different language than English. 
  • After Effects 2022 is displaying “Easy Cheese” error on Windows. After Effects is working normally after closing the popup except for few adjustments from “General” action group.  
    Not working adjustments on Windows with AE 2022 are: Opacity, Rotate, Scale, Move. As a workaround the corresponding adjustments from “Transport” action group can be used. 


  • Multiple Loupedeck control surfaces can be seen in settings. (See Troubleshooting article for more information). 

Capture One 

  • 表示されないアイコンがある (例: Set Rating)  
  • Loupedeck+ / Loupedeck Original: Control Dial / Crop does not work.
  • ブラシツールがアクションが使用された際に開かない (Windows) 
  • クロップルーツがアクションが使用されても動作しない 

Final Cut Pro

  • Localization (translation of action names) is temporarily disabled. 
  • Note that not all CommandPost plugin actions are compatible with Loupedeck+ console.


  • Shiftキーを含むショートカットで、Shiftキーが実行されない。このバグは主に "Tools" タブで確認されています。 
  • Illustrator 2022(またはそれ以降)がM1macでサポートされていない(次回リリースで対応予定) 

Lightroom Classic 

  • Pressing Home button in masking-submode returns to library instead of Develop-mode
  • いくつかのブラシパラメータがアクションリスクとから消えている  
  • ‘Activate Crop Tool by Rotation’ has inconsistent behaviour  
  • Filtering actions are affected on CT/Live if legacy ‘--/Col’ toggle-action is used on Loupedeck+.
  • キーボードグループのアクションが動作しない
  • Some Masking actions are visible in the action panel (when develop workspaces are active) - those actions only work within Masking submode.
  • Tools-folder is incorrectly named (should be ‘Tools Menu’).


  • Viewer Count – widget does not work. 

Phillips Hue 

  • コントロールセンター使用時に、以下のアクションが実行された後に消えてしまう: 明るさ、色相、色温度 
  • Long Press does not function. 
  • Live S: コントロールセンターで色温度の調整機能が利用できない 


  • ダイナミックページが新UI利用時に追加されない  
  • Loupedeck+, Loupedeck Original: None of the main dials are working. 
  • (Camera Raw では正常に動作)  
  • ACRツールが閉じない (Photoshop のAPIの不具合) 

Photoshop (Camera Raw)  

  • Color Grading is not functioning. 
  • Zoom-out zooms-in if Finnish language/keyboard is selected.  
  • Adjusting Grain amount is not functioning. 
  • Closing a tool by pressing on the icon is not functioning.

Premiere Pro 

  • 14.0より以前のバージョンで、スクリプトを実行するエラーメッセージが表示され、Loupedeck を利用できないそれ以降のバージョンでは確認されていません 
  • (トラブルシューティングの詳細はこちら) 

Spotify Premium 

  • For some users: “Cannot adjust volume, no active playback device.” 
    • Sign out from Spotify-linking and sign back in 


  • ダイナミック・コントロールセンター(インプットスイッチャー、オーディオミキサー等)がセッション中に送られた新しいインプットを認識しない時がある →Loupedeckソフトウェアの再起動で解決する可能性があります 
  • ダイナミック・コントロールセンターの機能で、Live Sのタッチボタンで調整できないものがある 
  • Dynamic control centers are disabled for devices that cannot support them.