Spotify Premium - プラグインのセットアップ

Adding, logging in and setting up Spotify Premium plugin.

As of right now we are having problems with the Spotify's Cloud Server integration and are doing our best to address the issues. This means that some of the plugin features might not work as intended.

Workaround: We recommend using OS Media Commands to control general Spotify features like volume, play/stop and next/previous track (instead of using Spotify specific commands).


Spotifyプラグインは、最高の音楽体験に必要なコントロールを可能にします!基本的なメディア操作(前のトラック / 次のトラック / 再生・一時停止)やシャッフル・リピート再生などの操作が可能です。Spotify だけのボリューム操作や、プレイリストの再生やプレイリストへの曲の追加もプラグインで行うことができます。 


  • A Spotify Premium - account
  • Application or a device for Spotify playback
  • Loupedeck account

Spotify Premiumアカウントを紐付ける

In order to get Spotify actions working by using Loupedeck you need to link your Spotify Premium account with Loupedeck software - this enables Loupedeck to send commands directly to Spotify’s cloud API system, which commands the active Spotify playback device (your computer, amplifier, TV..).

1. Log into your Loupedeck Account

  • Open Loupedeck Software
  • Click the account avatar (top right corner)
  • Click "Sign in to Loupedeck" - this will open a web page for login process
  • Type in your Loupedeck login credentials (email & password)
  • Press “Sign in”

After login: avatar icon changes to your initial letters (e.g. Firstname Lastname -> FL).

Loupedeck Software version 5.1

2. Spotify Premiumアカウントを追加する

  • Open the profile drop-down menu, and
  • Select the profile you want to add Spotify Premium controls
  • If Spotify tab (1) is not visible, then open Plugin Manager (2) and select Spotify from the list
  • Click "Open account settings" (3)

This will open a settings dialog for managing 3rd party accounts

  • Open "Add New" drop-down menu
  • Select Spotify

This will open Spotify's web-page for logging into. When account appears in the accounts dialog, press "Done".

When logging into Spotify via web-page an error warning might be shown (image below)

Despite the warning, connection is created and Spotify Premium plugin can be used.

Loupedeck Software version 5.2 beta

2. Spotify Premiumアカウントを追加する

  • Open the profile drop-down menu, and
  • Select the profile you want to add Spotify Premium controls
  • Click Spotify tab (1).*
  • Click "Login to Spotify" (2)
  • Web-page opens: enter Spotify credentials

* NOTE! If Spotify tab is not visible:

  • Click on the manage plugins button (3)
  • Select Spotify Premium from the list and press OK.
  • If Spotify Premium is not on the list, close the Plugin Manager and enter the Marketplace (4) for installing Spotify Plugin.


TIP! How to add Spotify Premium to profiles and how to use the commands: Read more