We are sorry, something went wrong message in Loupedeck application

If Loupedeck application becomes unresponsive and you see an error message displayed in the interface, please follow the troubleshooting tips below.

First Aid

  1. Close down Loupedeck application 
  2. Loupedeckを再起動する

If the issue persists, please re-install Loupedeck software:

  • Download Loupedeck latest software version
  • 編集ソフトやその他のプログラムが閉じていることを確認してください
  • Loupedeck のインストーラを実行してください
  • Loupedeckソフトウェアのインストールが完了したら、PCを再起動してください。

Please note you will not lose any customised settings by re-installing Loupedeck software. Find out more about where Loupedeck profiles are located on your computer here


    Contact our support team

    If this error message keeps on appearing in Loupedeck application, please find Loupedeck logs in these locations:



    C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Loupedeck\Logs\ui_crashes\




    /Users/<user name>/.local/share/Loupedeck/Logs/ui_crashes

    .localフォルダは隠しフォルダのため、"cmd + shift + ."を押して表示してください。


    Please contact our support team and attach the logs file to your support request. We will review the logs and provide troubleshooting tips as soon as possible.