vMix - ユーティリティ・ワークスペース

In this workspace you'll find the essential actions for you to start up your session

Utilities Workspace contains two separate pages, Startup and Input Categories.

Startup page

Picture 1: Utilities Workspace Page 1 - Startup Touch Button Actions

Contains basic actions to start up your session

  • Open Preset
  • Last Preset
  • プリセットを保存
  • フル スクリーン
  • Snapshot Input
  • スナップショット

Input Categories Page

Picture 2: Utilities Workspace Page 2 - Input Categories

Pressing on an input category will reveal the chosen category inputs on the vMix screen

Input categories:

  • すべて
  • アクア
  • オレンジ
  • パープル
  • レッド

Dial Actions

Dial actions stay the same on both pages

On the left side

  • Master Volume (Dial Action) / Reset Master Volume (Press Action)
  • Input Volume (Dial action) / Input Mute (Press Action)
  • Input Position (Dial Action) / Input Play/Pause (Press Action)

On the right side

  • Cut (Press Action)
  • Select Preview Input (Dial Action) / Quick Play (Press action)
  • Fader (Dial Action) / Fade (Press Action)