Which Capture One versions are supported

Windows support

Requirements for shortcut based Capture One integration:

  • Minimum version: Capture One v.11
  • Loupedeck_beta shortcut file
  • Loupedeck Extended profile

Windows version of Capture One plugin will recieve all upcoming updates which are possible/usable due to the technical limitations (of the shortcut based system).

Capture One Windows version is based on shortcuts because there is no SDK/API available for Windows version of Capture One. 


MacOS support

Capture One 21 (v.14) introduced AppleScript-API to control a variety of Capture One adjustments and actions. Therefor Capture One support ia separated into two parts:

No API support:

  • Capture One versions: 11, 12 & 13 (also known as Capture One 20)

With API support:

  • Capture One 21 and newer

Read also How to set-up Capture One for Loupedeck for further instructions!